New minecraft server coming soon!

I have decided to start working on a minecraft server and to build it from the ground up. Using the bukkit framework i've mostly created everything, except for a few pre-made plugins. More below...

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This server will be a multi-gamemode server to tend to everyones needs. So far the gamemodes are Kit Pvp, Step Spleef and Sky Wars. There are endless possibilies for gamemode ideas, so there is a lot to come!

Kit Pvp

Fight other players and try to kill as many as possible. At the end of the game the player with the most kills wins! There will be kits players can select from varying in fighting capabilities.

Step Spleef

Dodge and weave holes in the ground to survive as the blocks that you have stepped on get deleted shortly after. The last player left wins!

Sky Wars

Each player starts on their own island. You must craft and build your way to the center for better loot. The last player left wins!

Me and a friend of mine are working on the server and hope to have the first official build up in around 2-3 weeks. Please check either the steam group or discord for more information on the release of this server.